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The Need for Designing the Future Collaboratively.

Why to wait for the future to just happen to us? Why not design our future to our liking first, and then what happens to us in the future is something that we like?

All of us are planning our future, but we rarely include all others in our plans and therefore we rarely succeed in obtaining the kind of future that we might like, because, at most times, our plans for our future are at odds with the plans for future others wish for themselves. The differences that there are among our ideas of what our future should look like result, not infrequently, in strife; not infrequently in violence, rather than in comfort to all involved.

I propose that the differences that there exist among our ideas about what our common future should look like be resolved by what-so-ever expedient means first in order to prevent violence and strife occurring in real world.

Please read "Designing a Lasting Peace Together", where the need for collaboratively designing the future of the world could be seen best.

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