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Our Global Anti-Terrorism Question" 
January 2002 
Information on registering as a world citizen. 
Contact Us
Addresses, phone numbers, email and a feedback form for contacting the World Service Authority. 
Information on mundialization. The act of declaring your city a member of the global community. 
The World Government Catalog has information about related books, videos, t-shirts, etc. 
WSA Legal Dept.
Information about the legal arm of the World Service Authority. 
Information on World Government, World Law and the World Service Authority. 
WC Update
Late breaking news from around the world concerning human rights and the evolution of world government. 
Cartoons from past issues of the print version of World Citizen News. 
Quote of the Day
A random quote taken from the World Service Authority archives. Changes each time the page is loaded. 
World Citizen Forum
A dialogue on human rights and world citizenship, law and government. To participate in this discussion group, follow the link below.  

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World Citizen News
Information about the World Citizen News. Links to the online version, and an index of back issues. 
The full list of Frequently Asked Questions about the World Service Authority and world government issues. 
An appeal for funding from the World Service Authority. 
Links to other world government and human rights web sites on the Internet. 

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