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description: A comprehensive list of internet sites dealing with sustainable development, including organisations, projects and activities, electronic journals, libraries, references and documents, databases, directories or metadatabases
keywords: sustainable development, index, environment, development, resources, internet, world wide web, sites, WWW, durable, sustainability, Virtual Library, ecological economics

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Last update: 24 Mar 2002.

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Resources Containing Lists of WWW Sites and other Sources Relevant to Sustainable Development

  1. Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, communication, agriculture, sustainability, development, rural development, development communication, environmental communication, economic development
  2. AgDB: Agriculture-related Databases, Directory of 1,000+ non-bibliographic databases
  3. Auxilliary lists for environmentalists and SD workers.
  4. Best environmental directories, selection of WWW lists of lists, by subject.
  5. Brazil, rights, fauna, flora, biodiversity, birds, , nature conservation, children, women, indian, Human Rights, culture, philosophy, speleology (pt, en), encyclopedia. Numerous links and legal arguments for many subjects linked to nature conservation.
  6. Central Africa, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Congo Kinshasa, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Burundi, Rwanda,metadatabase. Databases and collections on Central Africa from the last century.
  7. Community based indicators, United States
  8. Cyprus (gk, en), environmental protection on a local scale, campaigning, seminars and talks, publications, research.
  9. Data accessible on-line.for environmentalists and SD workers.
  10. Directory of Human Rights Sites (es), peace, human rights, cooperation, development and environment, education, health, and social justice.
  11. Directory of Non-Governmental Organisations Active in Sustainable Development. Part1: Europe, 3900 European NGO. Book + CD-ROM. Contact: OECD, 2 rue André Pascal, F-75775 Paris. Extract for Belgian NGOs,
  12. Earthworks, database, career opportunities, environmental scientists, sd professionals, geotechnical/civil engineers, remediation specialists, soil scientists, hydrologists/hydrogeologists, archaeologists, ecologists, plant scientists, forestry/agricultural scientists, geographers, remote sensing/GIS staff, climate/atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, geoscientists and petroleum scientists/engineers in the academic, water, upstream oil and gas, civil and mining sectors, UK, Europe, North America, Pacific Rim, Africa.
  13. Continentes de enlaces excelentes (es).
  14. Ecology, environment, sustainability, tools, Architecture, Planning, Eco Design, Art, Clip Art, Images, Books, Music, Video, Astrophysics, Climate, Global Change, Building, Materials, Housing, Model Projects, Business, Ethical Finance, Enviro Accounting, Careers, Employment, Volunteer Opportunities, Databases, Directories, Resources, Eco-Tourism, Ecovillages, Eco Real Estate, Education, Research, Energy, Solar, Alternative Technology, Friends and Colleagues, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native, Justice, Environmental Law, Links to other Links, Living Models, Life Style, Vision, Utopia, National Parks, Forests, Waters, Wildlife, Networks, Consortiums, News, Reports, Magazines, Media, Information, Organizations, Foundations, Institutions, Societies, Products, Services, Recycling, Waste, Toxic Materials, Pollution, Sustainable Agriculture, Permaculture, Unusual, Games, Cyber, Sacred Geometry.
  15. ECONET on sustainable development
  16. Ecotopie, encyclopédie sur les réalisations écologiques (Belgique-France), sustainable living (fr).
  17. EnviroDirectory, metadatabase on environmental lists of links.
  18. ELDIS: Electronic Development and Environment Information System, metadatabase.
  19. Forum on Developing Countries, economic development, international development, sustainable development
  20. Global Environmental Institute education, environment.
  21. Green design, metadatabase on construction, architecture, building
  22. Green design, architecture, building (metadatabase)
  23. GREENTIE Directory 8,500 international suppliers of technologies, services, research, data, and literature, pertinent to greenhouse gas mitigation
  24. Gender, Science and Technology Gateway, women's science and technology contributions to sustainable development
  25. Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators, searchable metadatabase.
  26. Habitat in developping countries, habitat, developping countries, thirld world
  27. Global change,metadatabase
  28. Information sources for sustainable development, comprehensive metadatabase.
  29. International Economic Development Resources
  30. International Institute for Sustainable Development, Information Center Database (IISD), sustainable development, metadatabase. The best!, Weekly Journal review, International institutes, NGOs, The UN, the Bank and ODA, Contact list for all organizations, Regional work, Sectoral work, Communications for SD, Information resources, ...
  31. International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), International Forest Policy
  32. International Research Development Centre - Asia Regional Office
  33. Links to Sustainable Development Information and the Americas , Americas, sustainable agriculture, sustainable development
  34. Millennium Eco-Communities on the Green Lane, Canada, resources, local community groups, making changes. Environmental issues, best practices, tools, tips and networking opportunities, community efforts about nature, pollution, and ecology.
  35. Minnesota resources and networking in Minnesota, USA.
  36. National parks (list of lists), national parks, directories.
  37. Natural resources, coastal and marine ecosystems; forests and grasslands; water resources and freshwater systems; agriculture and food; climate and atmosphere; population, health, and human well-being; economics and business; energy; biodiversity and protected areas; and environmental governance, countries, encyclopedia, data
  38. NextStep, resources and information related to sustainability.
  39. Openair-Market Net
  40. Pakistan Development GatewayPakistan, Sustainable Development Networking Programme.
  41. PANOS, actuality on developping coutries
  42. Renew America's Environmental Success Index, renewable energy, sustainable living, programs, projects, success stories, USA.
  43. Répertoire des Organisations Non Gouvernementales actives dans le domaine du développement durable. Tome 1: Europe., 3900 ONG européennes. Livre, CD-ROM. Contact: OECD, 2 rue André Pascal, F-75775 Paris. Les ONGs belges sont sur internet,
  44. SDRN Database, of research projects in the UK.
  45. Small grains, small grains (wheat, ...) production, statistics, producers directory (USA)
  46. Small islands information network, information sources on small islands sustainability
  47. Solarch, Sustainable Living Education and Innovation Program, Australian High Schools, school visits, teaching materials, over $20,000 worth of prizes through annual AGL Sustainable Living Competition. Australia.
  48. Surf your watershed,Communities, watersheds (USA).
  49. SD Gateway, Calendar of Events, Electronic Mailing Lists (listservs), News Services, Library Collections.
  50. Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture architecture, building, ecology, materials, consultants, events
  51. Sustainable Architecture: Eco Design and Landscaping
  52. Sustainable Business Network, news, resources, insight, green economy
  53. Sustainable development (most quoted sites), 50 most quoted sites.
  54. Sustainable development best starting points, selection from this Virtual Library !
  55. Sustainable Development Internet Resources,
  56. Sustainable forestry.
  57. Sustainable mobility information system (SMIS), mobility, transport, environment, Belgium
  58. Sustainable Products Description
  59. Sustainable resources database (North America), metadatabase
  60. Systema national de informaçao geographicaPortugal, maps, GIS, geography, data (en, pt)
  61. Web sites on Contribution of Telecommunication on Sustainable Development, communication, telework, telecommunication
  62. Universite Europeenne de l'Environnement, fr
  63. World Wide Web Ressources in Economics
  64. Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development, international environmental treaties, IGOs and international NGOs, country profiles.

Search engines results for Sustainable Development

A successfull search is proposed here in different search engines, with some criteria to augment the relevance of hits.

  1. Alta Vista advanced search, 'sustainable development' in title and hyperlinks, reference to Agenda 21, resources listing, last updated in 1996 (aboud 15 hits out of 30000 with sustainable development).
  2. Excite, sustainable development as a concept.
  3. Yahoo, sustainable development, last 3 years, (aboud 111 hits, including many duplicates).


  1. ACDI-CIDA, Canada, development cooperation, thirld world, telephone Directory
  2. ACUNU (American Council for the United Nations University), challenges of the millennium.
  3. Addresses of SD organisations, postal address, phone, fax, e-mail.
  4. Albemarle Environmental Exchange
  5. Alkmaar (Netherlands), case-law, crimes, juridiction (nl)
  6. Alternative Farming Systems Information Centre
  7. American Institute of Urban and Regional Affairs education, scholar-practitioner doctoral degree and professional certification in sustainable development.
  8. Amnesty International human rights.
  9. Austin Sustainable Building Coalition ecological building, design, and development, Texas
  10. BC Wild wilderness protection and sustainable development in British Columbia
  11. British Columbia Wood Design
  12. , sustainable architecture.
  13. Bureau of Resource Sciences scientific analyses and advice.
  14. Business and the Environment/Sustainable Commerce Business for Social Responsibility, Sustainable Commerce, climate change, sustainable forestry, supply chain environmental management.
  15. CEAbureau voor communicatie en advies over energie en milieu B.V.The Netherlands, duurzaamheid, leefbaarheid, energie-efficiëntie, duurzame energie, strategie en beleid, implementatie, instrumentontwikkeling, communicatie en procesbegeleiding, natuur en milieu, energie
  16. Center for Alternative Development Initiatives, Philippine, Agenda 21,South America, Africa and Asia/Pacific.
  17. Center for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment, Université Libre de Bruxelles, indicators, data sources
  18. Center for Excellence for Sustainable Development
  19. Center for Field Research at Earthwatch sponsors scholarly field research in biology, sociology, culture, sustainable development.
  20. Centre for international university cooperation, development, research, developing countries, cooperation, education
  21. Center for Sustainable Communities
  22. Centre for Research into sustainable systems of agricultural production Cali, Valle, Colombia , sustainable agriculture research
  23. Center for the Environment at University of California, Environmental Management, Land Use and Planning, Agriculture, training.
  24. Chainguard-Online
  25. Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) , research, Australia.
  26. Communications for Sustainable Development
  27. Communications for a Sustainable Future ,education, international studies, peace, conflict, progressive sociology, sustainable economics.
  28. Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
  29. Context Institute, Sustainable culture, information; from economics to education, from art to architecture, from ceremony to community.
  30. CSF Colorado Environmental Files Collection education, international studies, peace, conflict, progressive sociology, sustainable economics.
  31. Cultural Survival
  32. Cyprus Conservation Foundation, Cyprus (gk, en)
  33. DLO-NL Agricultural Research Department, agronomy, development, technology, engineering, safety, etc
  34. Dubreucq Etienne, Développement durable et énergie (fr)
  35. Earthwatch sponsors scholarly field research in biology, sociology, culture, sustainable development.
  36. Earthwatch sponsors scholarly field research in anthropology.
  37. Earth Pledge Foundation
  38. Earthfoot, small scale ecotours
  39. Ecotopie, encyclopédie sur les réalisations écologiques (Belgique-France).
  40. Ecotrust nonprofit, conservation economy, coastal temperate rain forests of North America.
  41. ECNC, European Centre for Nature Conservation
  42. ENDA Tiers Monde, sustainable development, Thirld World, Cities, developing countries, waste, urban development, habitat.
  43. Energie-Cités (fr) Cities, Europe, urban environment, energy
  44. EcoVillage at Ithaca, green market.
  45. EPA, Office of Sustainable Ecosystems & Communities, Community Challenge Grants", library, Integrative Approaches.
  46. EUROS (IT), urban ecotecnology, Italy, sustainable cities (it).
  47. FAO, rural development, developing countries, food security.
  48. Friends of the Earth
  49. Future Generations, NGO, Asia.
  50. G-DAE (Global Development and Environment Institute) of Tufts University. Pursue economic and community goals in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner. Working papers, free educational materials, research papers, articles.
  51. Global Change Education, The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute climate change, education
  52. Global Forest Policy Clearinghouse
  53. Greenpeace, Greenpeace-USA, activism, sea, whales, radioactivity, toxic releases, scandals, danger
  54. GREENTIE Center greenhouse gas mitigation technologies
  55. Halmstads municipality, Agenda 21, Sweden
  56. Haribon Foundation, Inc., non-profit organization preserving the environment through sustainable development strategies.
  57. Ho`okipa Network of Hawaiian CBO's, traditional Hawaiian approaches to community-based resources managment, taro roots perspective on the sustainable development movement
  58. Industry Canada's Sustainable Development
  59. Institute for Sustainable Regional Development, Australia.
  60. Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, Research, Consultancy services, business, sensible and sustainable energy management strategies
  61. Institute for Sustainable Forestry
  62. The International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), responsible business practices, corporate governance, human rights and business standards, conflict prevention, health, enterprise, communications in development, tourism and the environment, socially inclusive business policies.
  63. International Center for the Advancement of Adult Learning (ICAAL), training and workshops for government agencies, organizations and communities.
  64. International Centre for Integrative Studies - ICIS, integrative research
  65. International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, weekly e-newsletter
  66. International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
  67. International Development Research Centre, Canada
  68. International Institute for Sustainable Development, information sources.
  69. International Management Development Institute, University of Pittsburgh
  70. International Rivers Network protection and conservation of the world's rivers and riverine communities.
  71. International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), experts, researchers, scientific references, ecological economics, economy
  72. International Urban Development Association, not-for-profit Association of public and private organisations, government agencies, business and individuals. Promotion and improvement of integrated urban and regional development approach.
  73. IRSUD-Researchers for Sustainable Development, Economy, Sociology, Territorial Planning
  74. Islands and Small States Institute of the Foundation for International Studies at the University of Malta. University Building, St. Paul Street, Valletta VLT 07, Malta. Tel: 356-248218; Fax:356-230551; e-mail:, fragility index, islands, small states, global change.
  75. Jugendhilfe Ostafrika, bicycle, Uganda, women
  76. MA Toxics Use Reduction Institute, University of Massachusetts
  77. Malaysian Timber Council, tropical rainforestry, Malaysia.
  78. Maryland Sea Grant, marine ecology, biotechnology
  79. Mining Impact Coalition, mineral resources, mining, impact
  80. Ministry of the environment Catalonia (en)(Spanish) (Catalan), Catalonia (Spain), sustainable development.
  81. Multinationals and Development Clearinghouse
  82. Joint Center for Sustainable Communities, Wash. DC
  83. National Association of Environmental Professionals
  84. National Parks and Conservation Association
  85. Natural Resources Development Centre, Dublin, Ireland
  86. Natural Resources Institute
  87. Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development, security, environment, economic and social issues in Northeast Asia.
  88. Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute, India, agriculture, renewable energy, animal husbandry and sustainable development.
  90. Nuclear-Free Future Award (international money prizes), rid the world of the nuclear scourge, indigenous peoples
  91. Office of the Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development, (en, fr) Canada
  92. Office of Sustainable Ecosystems and Communities - OSEC, ecological integrity, economic sustainability and quality of life, Community Based Environmental Protection, EPA
  93. One world volunteers
  94. Ontario Waste Management Association , waste, Ontario.
  95. OREE (fr) environmental management of firms and activity areas, France
  96. Overseas Development Network (ODN)
  97. Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment & Security
  98. PANOS, actuality
  99. People's Commission on Environment and Development, India
  100. Population Action International
  101. The President's Council on Sustainable Development USA, integrate economic and environmental policies
  102. Priorities Instute, U.S.A., research, sustainable land use planning, renewable energy, carfree city design.
  103. ReliefNet
  104. Renew America, renewable energy, sustainable living, programs, projects, success stories, USA, Awards.
  105. Research Centre for Environment and Planning within the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of the West of England, Bristol. Sustainable development, european spatial planning.
  106. Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado, problem-solving power of market economics and of advanced techniques for resource efficiency
  107. Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
  108. Royal Road University, Canada, environmental management systems
  109. The Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI), conservation and sustainable improvement of agricultural biodiversity, socially responsible development of technologies useful to rural societies. loss of genetic diversity - especially in agriculture - and impact of intellectual property rights on agriculture and world food security.
  110. Schumacher college, Education about sustainability (Britain)
  111. SD Gateway: Development Alternatives, Earth Council , Environmental Development Action in the Third World (ENDA), Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN), International Development Research Centre (IDRC), International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Calendar of Events, Electronic Mailing Lists (listservs), News Services, Library Collections.
  112. Second Nature education for sustainability
  113. Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  114. SeedTree, tree planting, endangered forest ecosystems, biodiversity, renewable energy, human development.
  115. SkogForsk
  116. Small islands information network, small islands environment and sustainability
  117. Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences nonlinear dynamical systems, complex systems, fractals, chaos, bifurcations, ecology, economics, social development.
  118. Society for Human Population Control
  119. South Centre, developing countries
  120. SPECTRA- research project on Sustainability Development and Spatial Planning, spatial planning, sustainable development. Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
  121. Stephen Bedford Clark SBC & Associates, Sustainable Freshwater Ecology & Aquaculture Consultancy Services.
  122. Strategic Decisions Group at Laurentian University decision making, health problems, environmental management, policy debates, social issues.
  123. Sustainable Cities Research Institute , Newcastle on Tyne
  124. Sustainable Development Department (SDS) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), (en, es), metadatabase, Full-text publications. Human resources, social development; environment and natural resources; infrastructure, financial markets and private enterprise development. Strategies, policies, best practices, guidelines, technical studies, conference proceedings, newsletters, books, and other documents. Financial assistance for Latin America and the Caribbean. Education, Indigenous Peoples and Community Development, Microenterprise, Poverty and Inequality, Small and Medium Enterprise, Women in Development.Index. Search engine. Publications database. Agriculture, Biodiversity, Children and Youth, Coastal and Marine Resources, Committee on Environment and Social Impact (CESI), Domestic Violence, Early Child Development, Education, Energy, Environmental Law and Economics, Environmental Management, Events, Financial Markets, Forestry, Health , Household Surveys , Indigenous Peoples , Inequality , Infrastructure , Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty, Involuntary Resettlement, Labor Markets, Microenterprise, Poverty, Publications, Regional Fund for Agricultural Technology (FONTAGRO), Rural Development, Science and Technology, Small and Medium Enterprise, Social Development, Social Dialogue, Special Programs, Strategies and Policies, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Markets for Energy, Training, Urban Development, *Urban Environment, Water Resources, Women in Development, Women's Leadership
  125. Sustainable Development Unit in the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA, UKUnited Kingdom, indicators
  126. Sustainable Economic Growth Program; Centre for Strategic Economic Studies; Victoria University of Technology; City Campus, P.O. Box. 14428, MCMC, Melbourne, Vic., Australia 8001, Phone: 61 - 3 - 9248 1022, Fax: 61 - 3 - 9248 1048: Email:
  127. Sustainable Future Instructions, instructions and consultancy (en, de)
  128. Sustainable Solutions
  129. Sustenance sustainable organic urban agricultural systems
  130. Target Earth International(USA) Serving the Earth, Serving the Poor
  131. Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) , energy, environment, biotechnology, plant tissue culture, biodiversity, urban transport, sustainable development, Green India 2047, hydrocarbons, oil, natural gas, coal, renewable energy, regulatory studies, regulatory policy, regulation, deregulation, energy reforms, urban and rural environments, natural resources, forestry, energy data, energy forecast,energy model, energy efficiency, urban waste, climate change, global warming, Eco-refrigeration, power sector, Biogas, biomass energy system, India, energy policy, fuels, solar energy, wind energy, New Delhi
  132. Texas Environmental Center
  133. Tools for Self Reliance, supports workers, poor countries, basic hand-tools, local tool-making initiatives
  134. Trees for the Future, agroforestry self-help projects, developing countries, sustainable agriculture.
  135. TUE Centrum Technologie voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling sustainable development, The Netherlands (nl)
  136. uicnhumedales
  137. UNEP-GRID-Arendal, environment, North Europe, Antarctic, Norway, data, GIS, maps.
  138. United Nation's Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development, indicators
  139. United Nations (UN)
  140. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  141. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  142. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  143. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Office of the (UNHCR)
  144. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  145. Urban Ecology Australia Inc, urban, evolution, ecological cities, education, example
  146. Victoria Transport Policy Institute
  147. Le village des associations, equity, NGOs, telematics, social development.
  148. Volunteers in Technical Assistance WWW, technology adaptation, development
  149. VROM, Nederland, The Netherlands (Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment)(nl, en)
  150. Wageningen Agricultural University Library, agriculture Netherlands
  151. William McDonough + Partners, architectural firm promoting and utilizing sustainable design and building techniques
  152. The World Against Cancer (TWAC), Fight cancer.
  153. World Bank, development
  154. World Business Council for Sustainable Development , eco-efficiency through high standards of environmental and resource management in business.
  155. World Forest Institute forest resources
  156. World Health Organization
  157. World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
  158. World Resources Institute (WRI), sustainable development indicators, biodiversity, climate change, environmental education, forest frontiers initiative, forest resources, health and environment, africa, sustainable agriculture, trends and indicators, world resources.
  159. World Trade Organization (WTO)
  160. World Wildlife Fund, WWF-UK, WWF-US natural habitats and species conservation.
  161. Worldwatch Institute
  162. WorldWatch Institute, desenvolvimento econológico (sócio-econômico-ecológico)(pt)
  163. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
  164. Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living

Projects, activities

  1. 5th World Network
  2. Arcosanti Project
  3. Baltic 21, Baltic Sea Region
  4. Biodiversity Information Network, biodiversity
  5. BioGems, America, most endangered wild places.
  6. Bremen initiative, business-municipality partnerships, Delphi, ecology, participation
  7. Citizens Network for Sustainable Development information ecology, information habitat, information for sustainable development, children's summit.
  8. COGEN, biomass energy technologies, Europe, ASEAN.
  9. Developing the Economy from Within’ (DEW), 52 projects. Lundby (SE), Venice (IT), Genoa (IT), Leipzig (DE), West Yorkshire (UK), Bath (UK) and Leicester (UK). Coherent vision of sustainable local economy, partnerships, implementation, experience, European Union.
  10. Earth Action Network
  11. Earthhope Action Network, environmental activism
  12. Ecotopia Box, sustainable development, environment, Europe.
  13. ELDIS: Electronic Development and Environment Information System, metadatabase, environment, development
  14. EcoHouse, making a typical building (560 residents, built in 1966) in St Petersburg ecological sustainable.
  15. The Economic TeleDevelopment Forum, relationship between telecommunications infrastructure investment, and enhanced community economic development.
  16. EcoRecycle Victoria, reduction of waste, better recycling, home composting, waste wise businesses, waste education, recycled products, recycling services and statitistics, Australia.
  17. EcoVillage Network, market
  18. European Partners for the Environment, future a better balance between the environmental, social and economic elements of life. Dialogue, long-term relationships, practical action.
  19. European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions , (en, fr) European Union, Conferences, Networks, Tools, Training courses, SME Support initiatives.
  20. The European International Policy Forum (EIPF), European Union, the World Bank group and Developing Countries.
  21. European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign, Co-operation 750 cities, European Commission, urban sustainability
  22. Fairtrade, fairtrade labels
  23. Forêt de Marie-Victorin, Projet AVEC nature, Québec.
  24. The GeoSphere Project Report visualizations Earth processes.
  25. The Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) "federated" directories, global change
  26. Global Environmental Change Programme, United Kingdom, research.
  27. Global Labelling Network
  28. Greenpeace's Arctic Action campaign against BP Amoco's arctic drilling projectcampaign, Arctic, videoclips and multimedia stories, photo gallery
  29. GreenNet Home Page environment, peace, human rights, development groups
  30. Histocity , historical cities sustainable development, research, training, network, GIS
  31. HungerWeb
  32. Implementing Sustainable Development in High Consumption Societies: A Comparative Assessment of National Strategies and Initiatives, (research project), high consumption societies, government responses, industrialised countries, Framework Convention on Climate Change; Convention on Biological Diversity, national governments of Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, strategy, policy, law, sustainable development.
  33. INFORSE, the International Network for Sustainable Energy
  34. Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Design sustainable building, Italy
  35. InterAction
  36. International registration of forests, sustainable forestry cooperation
  37. The King Baudouin International Development Prize, which has a value of 150.000 EUR , is awarded every other year to an individual or organisation that has made a significant contribution to the development of countries of the South.The official award ceremony is held at the Royal Palace of Brussels, in the presence of HM King Albert II and 500 guests, including the highest Belgian and European authorities and a high level UN delegation.
  38. Leadership for Environment and Development Program
  39. Legecartridge, empty cartridge recycling, Netherlands.
  40. Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, Brazil, Amazon, flooded forest, wetland, local biodiversity, economic development of local people, Ramsar Convention, ecotourism
  41. Mega-Cities Project,
  42. Melissa Program, Managing the Environment Locally in Sub Saharan Africa, local environment, knowledge management
  43. Mistra Sustainable Building research program, Sweden
  44. Mountain forum, mountain cultures, environment and sustainable development
  45. New Forests Project
  46. Norwegian Universities' Committee for Development Research and Education, development, cooperation, research, education, developing countries
  47. OECD/DAC Donor-Developing Country Dialogues on National Strategies for Sustainable Development review of experience, developing countries, stakeholders
  48. Plantages PortoMari, island of Curacao, centre for nature oriented living and recreation on a former plantation, nature conservation, restoration of the coral reef, reef balls, local population, after school program, children, sustainable lodges.
  49. Population and Sustainable Development Programme, American Association for the Advancement of Science, human population, environment, natural resource consumption, demography, reproductive healthcare, gender, culture.
  50. Rainforest Action Network, activism
  51. Renew America's Environmental Success Index, renewable energy, sustainable living, programs, projects, success stories, USA.
  52. Saving the Amazon
  53. SD Gateway, Calendar of Events, Electronic Mailing Lists (listservs), News Services, Library Collections.
  54. Small Island Developing States Network, Sustainable Human Development, SIDS, Barbados Program of Action, UN, UNDP, SDNP, Internet, Information and Communications Technology, Coastal and Marine Resources, Sustainable Tourism, Biodiversity, Energy, South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, AOSIS, Alliance of Small Island States, Training, Resources, Databases, Waste management, Freshwater Resources, Climate Change, Land Resources, Connectivity
  55. Small islands information network, information sources, small islands sustainability
  56. Small Island Developing States network. Small islands, sustainable human development, SIDS, Barbados Program of Action, coastal and marine resources, sustainabletourism, biodiversity, energy, South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, training, resources, databases, waste management, freshwater, resources, climate change, land resources, connectivity
  57. SPECTRA- research project on Sustainability Development and Spatial Planning, spatial planning, sustainable development. Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
  58. Sustainable cities programme (UNCHS (Habitat)/UNEP), urban sustainable development, cities, developping countries
  59. Sustainable Development Networking Programme SDNP, United Nations.
  60. Sustainable Development Networking Project of Bangladesh, information, resources, sustainable development, debates, discussions, development, environment, actions.
  61. Sustainable Deveopment Research Network, UK.
  62. Sustainability Web Ring, link exchange open to any organisation dealing with sustainability
  63. Tech Museum of Innovations Awards
  64. Technology, Business and Environment at MIT linking technological change with sound environmental management.
  65. Terra-2000 IST programme of the European Commission, scenario and model development.
  66. Third Sector and Employment Pilot, employment potential of the third system, social and neighbourhood services, environment and arts, dissemination of results, European Union.
  67. TouNet, sustainable tourism.
  68. Tradeable Assets for Sustainable Communities, turning blight - deteriorated housing, pollution, and unemployment - into assets - jobs and profits, educational oppurtunities, and clean, healthy rural and urban communities, America.
  69. UK Social Investment Forum (UKSIF)
  70. UNDP - Devwatch , sustainable development indicators
  71. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), population assistance, developing countries. Fund. Programmes, projects.
  72. Urban Habitat Program (UHP) cultivating multicultural urban environmental leadership to create socially just and ecologically sustainable communities.
  73. Urban mobility, car-sharing, Europe, encyclopedia.
  74. Verde, (nl) duurzaam verbruik
  75. Worldlights, humanitarian capitalism, lighthouse, Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, columbarium


  1. International conference Healthy Ecosystems, Healthy People: Linkages between biodiversity, ecosystem health and human health, June 6-11, 2002 in Washington, DC. Complex linkages and interdependencies between biodiversity (the species, genetic and landscape diversity that make up the structure of ecosystems), ecosystem health (the functioning and performance of ecosystems), and human health (the functioning and well-being of the dominant species in the current global ecosystem).
  2. Workshop on Protecting Nature On Private Land - From Conflicts To Agreements, in Lahti, Finland, 12 - 15 June 2002. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 February 2002.
  3. Earth Summit 2002, preparation for the 2002 Earth Summit in Johannesburg.
  4. environmental events database, metadatabase, events, environment.
  5. Protest net, Protest events, human rights, demonstrations, activism


  • Catedra UNESCO of Sustainable Development, Online Courses of Building simulation models in Ecology and Environment, ES.
  • Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, 12-week course, UK.
  • Postgraduate Course on Technology and Sustainable Development : Innovative and integrated approaches in emerging countries, Chennai (Madras), India starting January 2002.

    News, discussion groups, Listservs, ...

    Access:To receive a listserv, send an e-mail message to a listserver, leave subject line blank and write 'subscribe list-name [Your Name]' (without quotes or square parentheses) in your message. If it is a majordomo, do not specify your name.

    List-name and keywords (main sources: IISD, 1996 and Earthsystems, 1999):

    1. ACDGIS-L , GIS (de)
    2. AE , energy.
    3. AFRICA-L , Africa, Internet
    4. , Africa, Internet
    5. AFRICA-N , Africa news
    6. AFRICANA-L , information technology
    7. AG-ECON , agricultural economy
    8. AG-FORST , agro-forestry
    9. Ag-Sieve , tropical agriculture
    10. ASLE - The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment
    11. BIODIV-L , biodiversity network
    12. AUDUBON
    13. BIOREGIONAL , bioregion, global to meet local
    14. BIOSPH-L, biosphere
    15. CED-NET , community economic development
    16. CERRO-L development Central Europe
    17. CIAMAA-L , atmosphere (es, en)
    18. CITES-L , trade in wildlife, endangered species.
    19. citnet-list , information ecology, information habitat, information for sustainable development.
    20. Climate/Ecosystem Dynamics - Mailing List, climate, weather, ecosystems
    21. CLIM-ECON, Economics of Climate Variability and Global Change
    22. CLIMLIST , climate change
    23. CMEP - Critical Mass Energy Project
    24. COASTGIS , coast, GIS
    25. COMDEV , communication and international development.
    26. Communications for a Sustainable Future
    27. CONSBIO - Conservation Biology, protection of life, conservation
    28. CONSGIS , biological conservation and GIS
    29. DEBT, debt, International, Private, Government
    30. DEVEL-L , technology transfer, development
    31. DevMedia , media for development and democracy
    32. Duurzaamlijst, duurzame ontwikkeling en (Lokale) Agenda 21 (nl)
    33. EAF-L , EcoAgroForestry
    34. EARTHSAVE - Diet and the Environment Mailing List
    35. ECOCITY - List no longer exists, but you can still read the old archives. , urban sustainability
    36. ECO-ISLA - Ecological and environmental matters of Puerto Rico
    37. ECOFEM - Women and the Environment List
    38. ECOL-ECON - , ecological economics
    39. ECOLOG-L - Ecological Society of America List
    40. EcologiaSocial, Human and Social Ecology in Latin America
    41. ECOLOGY - List no longer exists, but you can read the old archives.
    42. ecolview , ecology
    43. ECONET , environment
    44. ECONOMY, economy and politics of less developped countries.
    45. ECOPSYCHOLOGY, Ecological Psychology
    46. ECOSYS-L , ecosystem modelling.
    47. ECOTALK - The Environmental Non-Profit List
    48. EECONET-L, ecological networks
    49. EGT, Environment and Game Theory
    50. EHS-L , environmental health system
    51. ELAN - Environment in Latin American Network List
    52. ENERGY-L , energy in Israel.
    53. ENV-BIOTECH , biotechnology
    54. ENVBEH-L, environmental behaviour
    55. ENVCEE-L - Environmental Issues in Central and Eastern Europe List
    56. ENVINF-L - Environmental Information Distribution List
    57. ENVIROETHICS - Environmental Ethics Forum List, ethics and philosophy
    58. ENVSEC_F , environmental dimensions of security, population growth, natural ressources.
    59. ENVST-L - Environmental Studies Discussion List
    60. ENVTECSOC - Environmental Technology and Society List
    61. ENVST-L , environmental studies programs.
    62. ENVTECSOC, Environment Technology and Society
    63. eon, Environment on the net
    64. eon-digest, Environment on the net, digest
    65. FEMISA, Feminist Studies
    66. FISH-JUNIOR - List no longer exists, but you can still view the old archives
    67. FMDSS-L , forest management planning information and decision systems
    68. FOREST - Forest List
    69. FUTUREWORK, Designing for Post-Industrial Realities
    70. GIS-L , geographical information systems
    71. GLIPF-L , great lakes
    72. GLOMOD-L , global modelling
    73. GLOSAS-L , global systems analysis and simulation
    74. GREEN , green movments
    75. GREEN-TRAVEL - Green Travel List
    76. GREENYES - The GrassRoots Recycling Network List
    77. GRNSCH-L reducing environmental impact of colleges and institutes activities
    78. GRNSD-XX , research on sustainable development
    79. H-ASEH - Environmental History List
    80. Habitat2 , Habitat II conference.
    81. HimNet Hymalaya, geology.
    82. HOMELESS, Homelessness
    83. IAPWILD , International Arctic Project Wildlife
    84. IDS , Indonesian Development Studies
    85. INTDEV-L , International development and global education
    86. IPE, International Political Economy
    87. isdrn-list, International Sustainable Development Research Network
    88. iwc-l , Small islands sustainability
    89. LIST GLOBAL, all available lists.
    90. MARINE-L, seas, oceans
    91. MARMAM, marine mammals
    92. mideastenviro, Middle East, environment
    93. Mountain forum, mountain cultures, environment and sustainable development
    94. NATIVE-L, Aboriginal Peoples
    95. NATLIT-Lpublications on nature, environmental science and outdoor activities
    96. NATURA-L, Chile
    97. NWFOR - The North West Forests List
    98. PACIFIC-BIOSNET - Pacific Biosnet Mailing List
    99. PDBLIST, Paradigms for boosting development
    100. PEACE, Peace Studies
    101. PLACECOMM - Place and Community Studies Discussion List
    102. RECYCLE - Recycling in Practice Mailing List
    103. RIMAFNET marine policy
    104. RURALDEV, Community and rural economic development internationally
    105. RUSAG-L, American and Russian.
    106. SAL-NYC - Animal Rights in New York and New Jersey
    107. Sanet-mg, sustainable agriculture
    108. SARDTABLE-L indicators of sustainability
    109. SAVE - Student Alliance for Virginia's Environment at the University of Virginia
    110. SEA - Student Environmental Action at the University of Virginia
    111. href="">SEAC+DISCUSSION, student action
    112. SEASIA-L, South-east Asia
    113. SIIN-L, small islands.
    114. specieslistspecies lists inventory.
    115. STAMP - Sensible Transportation Alternatives to the Meadowcreek Parkway
    116. SUSAG-LIBRARY, Sustainable agriculture related documents.
    117. SUSDEV, sustainable development publications.
    118. SUSTAG-L, sustainable agriculture.
    119. sustain, sustainability
    120. sustainable-development, sustainable development
    121. thrdwrld, Third World
    122. TRADE-LIBRARY, trade.
    123. Trade-News, trade.
    124. UIGIS-L, user interface for GIS
    125. UN, United Nations
    126. UNDP SDN Mail server, To receive documentation on the Sustainable Development Networking Project, type "HELP" in body of text to obtain instructions.
    127. urban-forestry, urban-forestry
    128. URBANITES, self-sufficiency
    129. WALL - Witness Against Lawless Logging
    130. WATER-L, water quality
    131. wsn, world-systems, transnational, transdisciplinary
    132. WILDNET, conservation

    Documents, references

    1. IISD directory of resources, by region, by subject, on the Internet, Audio Video resources.
    2. The "1996 Baseline Environmental Management Report" (BEMR), life-cycle cost and schedule estimate for the cleanup of the former nuclear weapons complex
    3. AMVTN Seminar on Health Research Ethics in Africa proceedings (126 pp.), Acta Tropica Vol. 78 Supplement 1 (January 2001). Parasitology-online.
    4. Articles on Sustainablity
    5. Combustion in the RainForest: Ecology, Energy and Economy for a Sustainable Environment, combustion, rainforest, ecology, energy, economy.
    6. Country reports (global change, Kyoto), climate change, Kyoto conference 1998.
    7. CSD Indicators, indicators
    8. Global crisis (Ted Trainer), economic hegemony, alternative, sustainable lifestyle, Conserver society.
    9. Daughters of the Pacific, de Ishtar, Zohl. 1994. . Spinifex Press. Melbourne, Australia. Contains oral testaments from Indigenous Pacific and Australian women of the impact of colonisation on their people. Social, economic, political, cultural aspects, development issues.
    10. Definitions of sustainable development. Définitions du développement durable (fr, en), definitions, litterature, implicit model, définition, littérature, modèle implicite.
    11. Droit des établissements sanitaires et sociaux (fr)
    12. Earthscan Publications Ltd, United Kingdom
    13. Ecodesign and Sustainable Strategic Development
    14. Ecologically Sustainable Development in Australia, Australia, sustainable development
    15. Effet de serre, conséquences multiples, livre (fr), techniques, socio-économiques, juridiques ou philosophiques
    16. Electronic Global Networking and the NGO movement... (Shelley Preston)
    17. Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems
    18. Environmental Change and Human Health in Countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP).
    19. Environmental Ethics: Sustainability, Competition, and Forestry
    20. Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI), indicators, ranking 122 countries with 67 variables.
    21. L'environnement du Moyen-Orient, Middle East, environment, book (fr), 1997
    22. Executive Summary , sustainable development indicators
    23. FAO, SD-Dimensions, rural development, developing countries, internet, communication
    24. FAO/ITTO Expert Meeting on the Harmonization of Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management
    25. FoEI Position paper for the 1995 Session of the CSD
    26. Global Governance (references,1996)
    27. Global Development: Problems, Solutions and Strategy, obstacles to sustainable development, ways to overcome, strategy.
    28. Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global Age, (book, 1998) locally owned companies, import substitution, new community financial institutions, smart local policymaking
    29. Greenpeace Principles and Guidelines for Ecologically Responsible Forest Use
    30. Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators
    31. Hot topic of the month, many selected references on various topics.
    32. Human Development Reports, United Nations, UNDP
    33. Indicators of sustainable development for the United Kingdom, download selected indicators (The economy, Transport use, Leisure and tourism, Overseas trade, Energy, Land use, Water resources, Forestry, Fish resources, Climate change, Ozone layer depletion, Acid deposition, Air, Fresh water quality, Marine, Wildlife and habitats, Land cover and landscape, Soil, Minerals extraction, Waste, Radioactivity) on PDF or Works files.
    34. Indicateurs(fr), indicators (open list for wide consultation)
    35. Indicators of sustainable development, Selected tested indicators and methodology sheets, by United Nations
    36. Infoagro, Desarrollo Sostenible. Costa Rica
    37. The International Journal of Sustainable Development
    38. The International Journal of Sustainable Development and World ecology
    39. The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
    40. International metal Study Groups, intergovernmental, Lead and Zinc, Nickel, and Copper, non-ferrous metals and their contribution to sustainable development.
    41. The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide, home recycling, junk mail & email.
    42. Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management, solid waste, (only abstracts and index are available on the Web).
    43. Kyoto convention, climate change, global warming.
    44. Livestock Research for Rural Development Scientific Journal , sustainable agriculture research
    45. Living planet 2000, ecological footprint
    46. Measure Sustainable Forest Management in the US
    47. Memegroup Business ethics information, news, actuality (economic, environment, social)). Electronic journal. Business ethics, ethical finance & investment, sustainability,accountability, strategy, governance, corporate social responsibility,future of work, community, citizenship, renewable energy, consumerism, risk& reputation management, crisis, fair trade, ecology.
    48. A Modest Proposal to Save the World by Jay Hanson.
    49. Mortality, data.World mortality statistics.
    50. National strategies for sustainable development
    51. Nature photography book, WWF
    52. offshore-environment, environmental problems surrounding the offshore oil and gas exploration and development, marine environment, fish stock, fisheries, shelf waters, anthropogenic impact, coastal waters, marine pollution; drilling, transportation and storage accidents; oil fate, behavior and transformations during an oil spill; sources and volumes of waste discharges from the offshore activity (drilling muds, drilling cuttings and produced waters); biological impact of the natural gas (impact on fish and other marine organisms); abandonment options and secondary use of the offshore installations; oil and gas developments on the Russian shelf.
    53. Partnership for Change. Practical examples of Agenda 21 follow-up (Norway's Special Report to EARTH SUMMIT+5, the Special Session of the UN General Assembly to Review and Appraise the Implementation of Agenda 21)
    54. pattern language for a sustainable, conservation economy
    55. Population Index
    56. Presidio Conference
    57. The Process Of Business/Environmental Collaborations: Partnering For Sustainability, by Alissa J. Stern and Tim Hicks, Quorum Press, 88 Press Road, Westport CT 06881 (204 pp $67 2000) ISBN: 1-56720-292-6, practical real world advice, business and environmental collaborations
    58. Real Wealth of Nations (references,1996)
    59. Rights & Responsibilities (references,1996)
    60. Security and Environment (references,1995)
    61. Sinai Bedouin Women Sinai Bedouin women and development, anthropology
    62. Smoke and Illusion, tobacco, biomass energy, pesticides, victimes, literature.
    63. Social Criticism Review - Selected readings on modern society and its ills, alienation between man, nature, and a dysfunctional technical complex, responsible community, goodness in a complex world.
    64. Social Indicators of Development (1994), data
    65. State of the Environment report for Tasmania, Australia
    66. Sustainable development reports, indicators, United Kingdom, Official reports, documented indicators.
    67. Sustainable Resources Use And Development
    68. SD-Dimensions (FAO) news and analytical articles on people, institutions, knowledge and environment.
    69. Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (references,1995)
    70. Sustainable Building Sourcebook
    71. Sustainable communities , world beach communities living on a barrier island
    72. Sustainable Development in Canada , sustainable development, Canada
    73. Sustainable Development, forests.
    74. Sustainable Development-English , minerals, metals, Canada.
    75. Sustainable Development Indicators (references,1995)
    76. Sustainable Development: A Chance for Harvesting and Protection of Forest Ecosystem, sustainable development indicators
    77. Sustainable Development And The Delaware Estuary Program , sustainable development indicators
    78. Sustainable development and the environment in East Timor
    79. Sustainable Development- General , Bibliography, sustainable development (references, 1995)
    80. The Sustainable Development Networking Programme... (UN: Q. I. Daudpota, R. Zambrano, UNDP
    81. Sustainable Fisheries (references,1995)
    82. Sustainable Livelihoods (references,1995)
    83. Sustainability Consciousness
    84. sustain magazine
    85. Syllabi and Readings in Ecological Economics, ecological economics
    86. Technological Education and National Development (TEND), proceedings from TEND '97
    87. Towards Sustainable Development
    88. TouNet, sustainable tourism definition and case studies.
    89. Trends in Developing Economies (1994)
    90. Tropical Forestry and The Environment
    91. UNCED documents, Rio declaration, Agenda 21, Rio 1992.
    92. UNEDforum , multi-stakeholder information hub to aid the follow-ups to the conferences on sustainable development and the environment.
    93. UNESCO World Science Report 1996 research, education, regional
    94. The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
    95. United Nations Conference on Population (Cairo), demography
    96. United Nations, Agenda 21 Country reports, sustainable development, Agenda 21, information, indicators
    97. United Nations Task Force on Environmental Labelling
    98. A Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities (draft discussion paper), responsibility, human rights.
    99. Vedams Books International books published in India; sustainable development; biodiversity, environment
    100. WaterforumNews, water (nl, en)
    101. Why sustainability is wrong anti-sustainablility, against.
    102. worldcitizenship, helping pupils to have better understanding of inter-dependence of humanity.
    103. Women, Environment and Development (references,1995)
    104. Working papers on international environmental law development
    105. World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development
    106. World Resources 1996-97: A Guide to the Global Environment
    107. Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living

    Electronic journals

    1. ASEAN Review of Biodiversity
    2. , newsletter
    3. Bond Beterleefmilieu, News, Flanders (Belgium)
    4. Catedra UNESCO of Sustainable Development, Online Courses of Building simulation models in Ecology and Environment
    5. Conservation ecology, electronic peer-reviewed scientific journal, environmental economics, ecological economics.
    6. FAO, SD-Dimensions, articles and news focused on developing countries, rural development, communication.
    7. e-design online, sustainable building
    8. Earth Negotiations Bulletin
    9. EcoNews Africa
    10. Ecoworld, News, species, ecosystems, trees, air, water, fauna, flora
    11. Environmental Building News, sustainable design and construction (news, events, highlights from past issues, product reviews).
    12. Global Change Education, The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute climate change, education
    13. The Guardian bi-monthly newsletter, research assistance, repairing hiking trails, wildlife habitat restoration and preservation, rebuilding of international communities, teaching languages to other cultures. News, eco-products, classifieds.
    14. International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, weekly e-newsletter
    15. journal of sustainable development
    16. Livestock Research for Rural Development Scientific Journal , sustainable agriculture research
    17. Memegroup Business ethics information, news, actuality (economic, environment, social)). Electronic journal. Business ethics, ethical finance & investment, sustainability,accountability, strategy, governance, corporate social responsibility,future of work, community, citizenship, renewable energy, consumerism, risk& reputation management, crisis, fair trade, ecology.
    18. OGM et les biotechnologies (fr), journal, GMO, biotechnologies
    19. OneWorld Online
    20. PANOS, news, Thirld World
    21. Passerelle Eco magazine (fr)
    22. Permaculture International Journal horticulture, permaculture, Australia
    23. Solutions, peer reviewed answers to problems in environment, health, population and development
    24. Sustainable Business Insider from recycling to green building, from renewable energy to organic products, from social investing to certified forestry.
    25. Sustainable Development and Energy
    26. Sustainable Development International, journal, editorial, case studies, industry
    27. Sustainable Energy Newsletter
    28. VirtualPresidio Journal, critical commentary on sustainability.
    29. Vivre Autrement (fr), sustainable cities, villes durables, Sud.
    30. Water Online Newsletter by Ian Lisk, water/wastewater industry.
    31. WaterforumNews, water (nl, en)


    1. Database of Sustainable Development Resources in USA
    2. ELDIS: Electronic Development and Environment Information System, comprehensive metadatabase on all types of sources.
    3. European Partner Search for Local Sustainability, Open database, constitution local sustainable development projects
    4. Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD), Internet, SIN, information system
    5. Information sources for sustainable development, comprehensive metadatabase on all types of sources.
    6. Systema national de informaçao geographicaPortugal, maps, GIS, geography, data (en, pt)
    7. Threshold 21 National Sustainable Development Model , sustainable development indicators, model, software, tool.
    8. Statistical Resources on the Web, agriculture; business and industry; cost of living; demographics; economics; education; energy; finance and currency; foreign economics; foreign governments; foreign trade; government finances; government resources; health (natality, morbidity, mortality); housing; labor; military; politics; science (computers, environment, personnel, R&D); sociology (children, crime, elderly, immigration); transportation; weather.


    1. building energy and sustainable design, software and demos, energy efficient buildings
    2. Calculators
    3. Eco-indicator, SimaPro, Life Cycle Asssessment, software, environment
    4. Let's Save Our Earth, educational board game
    5. Small Site Waste-Energy Recovery Plant
    6. Solarwall, building component used to solar heat large buildings in North America, and for crop drying in theThird World
    7. Sustainable world software, Year 2000 bug in microcomputers, GPS rollover bug, developing countries
    8. Systema national de informaçao geographicaPortugal, maps, GIS, geography, data (en, pt)
    9. Threshold 21 National Sustainable Development Model , sustainable development indicators, model, software, tool.
    10. Tools, ideas and technologies to save or recycle energy, waste, energy, sustainable behaviours.

    Communication for Sustainable Development

    1. APEC Master of Sustainable Development, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. University of Sydney, Asian Institute of Management, University of Malaya, University of Queensland.
    2. Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, (14000 citations indexed), communication, agriculture, sustainability, development, rural development, development communication, environmental communication, economic development
    3. Citizens Network for Sustainable Development information ecology, information habitat, information for sustainable development, children's summit.
    4. Griesinger Films, videotapes on ecological economics
    5. NRM_changelinks: a guide to managing change for environment, water, land ..., adaptive management, participatory monitoring and evaluation, conflict resolution, partnership development, collaborative problem solving, decision support, action research, information management and collaborative/organisational learning. Interlinks, Internet for sharing information, networking, decision support and learning. International job opportunities
    6. IISD metadatabase, Computer Networking, The Press, Publishers, Radio, Satellite, TV/Film/Video.

    Fun, humor

    1. Affluenza, the desease of modern life Check out Quest of the Ringleaders on uest - it's an environmental quest
    2. Let's Save Our Earth, educational board game
    3. New dream, reduce consumption
    4. Quest of the Ringleaders, environmental quest

    Other WWW Virtual Library Sites that could be Relevant to Sustainable Development

    1. Agricultural Economics
    2. Anthropology
    3. Biodiversity and ecology
    4. Culture
    5. Demography & Population Studies
    6. Earth Science
    7. Ecological networks
    8. Education
    9. Energy
    10. Environment
    11. Environmental law
    12. Epidemiology
    13. Forestry
    14. Geography Hazards and Risk
    15. Habitat in developping countries
    16. History
    17. International Development Co-operation
    18. International environmental law
    19. International Security
    20. Law
    21. Migration and Ethnic Relations
    22. Pacific Studies
    23. Philosophy
    24. Political Science
    25. Politics and Economics
    26. Population Ecology
    27. Social Sciences
    28. Sociology
    29. Statistics
    30. Technology Transfer
    31. United Nations and other international organisations

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