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Grassroots Government:
The World's Ombudsman.

(an on-going draft)

Today most people are not represented in their government properly, if at all, regardless where this might be in the world.

Even in the most advanced democracies of the "first world" countries it might take a long time before wrongs being committed on minorities are addressed to a satisfaction; Wrongs committed on individuals might never be considered at all, in most instances, mostly due to the impossibility of people having an equal access to justice.
This pattern is common to even the most humanitarian advanced societies; A pattern that is impossible to imagine to ever improve.

The most salient characteristics of today's forms of government is that there are no provisions for improving the system to be more efficient and more just in any satisfactory way. Inefficiency and social injustice are permanent fixtures that are to stay with us forever, unless a radically, and a long overdue change for much better happens in the way that we govern ourselves.

What is really needed is that instead of leaving behind in our wake all the detritus of imperfections and injustice, imperfections and injustice should be ideally dealt with before those ever happen. There has to be a way of dealing with any kind of problems as soon as their very possible existence is suspected!

The only way to accomplish that is to get every citizen actively interested in their government by making it possible for every citizen to have an equal say in governing themselves! Then it would be every citizen's own responsibility and a duty to look after their very own interests--they would then have no one else to blame than themselves for any (other than natural) misfortunes!

Of course--before all of this happens, this project could be started as a universal Ombudsman(1)-like entity existing as a network on from local to global level that would deal with any complaints and suggestions pertaining to the welfare of society, and offer wholesome re-solutions--optimally suitable realities whose implimentation would rely on their moral and factual sthrength only. But this would be enough at the beginning, and it would be something that a small number of people could start.

More on how all this could be accomplish is at ModelEarth.Org


1) Ombudsman:

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