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Internet>Download Managers> Fresh Download 3.75 Internet>Email and Privacy>IncrediMail Xe Build 690
Internet   >   File Sharing/FTP   >   BearShare  2.6.2 Internet   >   Email and Privacy   >   Ad-aware  5.82
Internet   >   File Sharing/FTP   >   LimeWire   2.4.4 Internet     >     Chat     >     AOL Messenger     4.8
Internet   >   File Sharing/FTP   >    FreeWire   2.4.5 Internet     >     Chat    >    Yahoo Messenger    5.0
Internet    >   File Sharing/FTP   >   URLBlaze   2.81 Internet   >    Communications   >    Gphone   1.61
Internet    >    File Sharing/FTP     >     WinMX    3.1 Internet     >     Browsers     >      Netscape     6.2.3
Internet   >   File Sharing/FTP   >   GuildFTPd  0.999 Internet      >      Browsers      >       Opera      6.03
Internet      >     Readers      >     Xnews     5.04.24 Utilities     >      Antivirus     >      AntiVir      6.13.00
Utilities   >   Diagnostic/Optimizer  >   Fresh UI  2.80 Utilities>Diagnostic/Optimizer > Fresh Diagnose 4.20
Utilities   >   File and Disk   >   zBoot Manager   2.09 Utilities       >       File and Disk       >      KFK     2.1
Utilities   >   Networking   >   Angry IP Scanner   1.90 Utilities  >  Networking  >  OpenSSH on Windows  3.2
Utilities    >    Networking    >    Network Probe    0.2 Utilities > Networking >  Privaria Networking Suite 0.9
Utilities    >    Desktop/Font/Icon    >    Iconoid   3.1 Utilities     >     Firewall     >     Sygate Firewall     5.0
MP3+Audio   >   Other   >   Anvil Studio  2002.05.11 MP3+Audio   >   MP3 Search Tools   >   MusIRC  4.6
MP3+Audio  > Other >  Digital Music Network  1.3.09 MP3+AudioMP3SearchToolsKaZaaMediaDesktop1.7.1
MP3+Audio  >  Multimedia Tools  >  Now3D  1.20.39 MP3+Audio > MP3 Search Tools >  2 Find MP3  7.6.1
MP3AudioConvertersAshampooStudio4Morpheus2.36 MP3+AudioMultimediaPlayers>DivXVideoBundle5.0.2
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MP3 + Audio > Converters/Copiers   Top
CDex        1.40        Apr.26/02        95,98,NT,2k,Me
Convert audio > WAV/MP31.3MBDownload-More Info
dBpowerAMP Music Conv. R8  Jan.25/02  9x,2k,Me,XP
Convert audio to WAV/MP3 1.4MBDownload-More Info
FreeRip     1.21     Apr.26/02      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Convert audio to WAV/MP3 595KDownload-More Info
Write your MP3 music to CD7.5MBDownload-More Info
MP3 + Audio > Jukeboxes Get MusicMatch PLUS for just $19.99! Top
RealJukebox Basic    2.0     Sept.7/01    95,98,NT,2k
Play & record your music  3.8MB  Download-More Info
MusicMatch Jukebox 7.10.1045 Mar.29/02 9x,2k,Me
All-in-one audio utility  10.2MB  Download-More Info
MP3 + Audio > MP3 Search Tools Pick any CD here for FREE! Top
AudiogalaxySatellite0.609 Mar15/02 9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for & share MP3s  565K   Download-More Info
Morpheus Preview Edition Mar.15/02 9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for and share MP3s 707KDownload-More Info
KaZaa Media Desktop 1.7.1 May.31/02  9x,NT,2k,Me
Search for & share MP3s  133K   Download-More Info
iMesh      3.1       Mar.29/02       95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for and share MP3s2.3MBDownload-More Info
2 Find MP3   7.6.1   May.31/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for & share MP3s 2.7MB  Download-More Info
MusIRC     4.6      May.31/02      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for & share MP3s 1.6MB  Download-More Info
MP3 + Audio > Music Management   Top
All My MP3s      1.81       Sept.7/01       95,98,NT,2k
Organize all of your MP3's 725K Download-More Info
MP3 Folders   1.5.8   Dec.7/01    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Organize all of your MP3s 2.3MBDownload-More Info
Songs-DB      1.1      May.10/02      98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Music manager and more 4.2MBDownload-More Info
MasterMusicProgram(MMP) 2.11 Dec.21/01 9x,NT,2k
Organize all of your MP3's 74K  Download-More Info
MP3 + Audio > MP3 + Audio Players   Top
Sonique       1.96       Apr.12/02       95,98,NT,2k,Me
Play MP3, CD, & WAV files 2.3MBDownload-More Info
Winamp      2.80       May.10/02       95,98,NT,2k,Me
Play MP3, CD, & WAV files 1.2MBDownload-More Info
Quintessential Player3.33 Jan.25/02 9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Play MP3, CD, & WAV files 2.5MBDownload-More Info
Yeah Player    3.0     Mar.1/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Play MP3, CD, & WAV files 1.8MBDownload-More Info
MP3 + Audio > Multimedia Players Get 4 DVDs for $.49 cents each! Top
Whisset Media Player  1.50  Jan.4/02   95,98,2k,Me
Play multimedia content 2.0MB  Download-More Info
Microsoft Media Player   7.1    Sept.7/01    98,2k,Me
Play multimedia content 9.9MB  Download-More Info
QuickTime     5.0.2     Sept.7/01     95,98,NT,2k,Me
Play multimedia content 8.3MB  Download-More Info
DivX Video Bundle 5.0.2 May.31/02  98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Create/watch video in DivX3.1MBDownload-More Info
Ashampoo Media Player 1.75 Mar.1/02 9x,2k,Me,XP
Play multimedia content 2.5MB  Download-More Info
MP3 + Audio > Multimedia Tools   Top
IrfanView     3.70     Apr.26/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Image viewer and editor   764K   Download-More Info
Microsoft DirectX      8.1      Nov.16/01       98,2k,Me
Multimedia foundation  11.5MB  Download-More Info
Futuris Imager   2.6   Apr.12/02   95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Image viewer and editor  1.4MB  Download-More Info
VAMP Media Center 3.10 Apr.12/02  95,98,2k,Me,XP
All-in-one multimedia kit 5.9MB Download-More Info
XnView      1.3      Mar.15/02       95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Image viewer/media player1.5MBDownload-More Info
Now3D    1.20.39    May.31/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
3Dmodeler/raytracing prog3.9MBDownload-More Info
Photo Resizer   1.0   Apr.12/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Resize or reduce photos   395K   Download-More Info
MP3 + Audio > Other Download MP3 DANCER! Click Here! Top
Anvil Studio 2002.05.11  May.31/02  9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Record/compose/edit MIDI 3MB  Download-More Info
MP3Dancer       1.09       Sept.7/01       95,98,NT,2k
Dancing figures on your pc 2MB Download-More Info
Audacity     0.98      Feb.1/02      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Record/compose/edit audio 2MB Download-More Info
Digital Music Network 1.3.09 May.31/02 9x,2k,Me,XP
Get info on music artists  822K  Download-More Info
Productivity > Business Finance   Top
3S Accounting   3.3   Apr.26/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Small bus. & home office 10.9MBDownload-More Info
Wings 2000 Accounting  11  Sept.7/01   95,98,NT,2k
Small bus. & home office 6.6MB Download-More Info
BillQuick Lite    3.1    Mar.1/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Project/contact/exp. mgr. 24.2MBDownload-More Info
Productivity > Computer Support Get a FREE CD-ROM Computer Lesson! Top
Tech Support Alert    Jan.18/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Various sources of computer helpDownload-More Info
Microsoft Support     Feb.1/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Get info about your Windows o/sDownload-More Info
Productivity > Databases   Top
Reach-Out Super Lite     2.5     Sept.7/01     95,98,NT
Build your own database  5.3MB   Download-More Info
Productivity > Home Finance Top
MarketBrowser PE 2.19 Jan.18/02 95/8,NT,2k,Me,XP
Financial market info.   2.9MB   Download-More Info
Stock Analysis      3.88       Jan.18/02       98,NT,2k
Analyze your stocks     980K     Download-More Info
Productivity > Managers/Organizers   Top
Contact Plus Personal    2.7    Sept.7/01    95,98,NT
Net-enabled contact mgr 7.4MB Download-More Info
OrganizeME     1.0     Nov.9/01      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
All-in-one mgr & organizer 1.9MB Download-More Info
NoteKeeper   0.8.1   Apr.12/02   95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Multi-functional manager 1.3MB Download-More Info
Business Plan Workbook Feb.8/02 95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Create a formal BusinessPlan436KDownload-More Info
Productivity > Marketing/Promotion Get the Success Arsenal!™ We did! Top
WorldSubmitter       Oct.26/01       95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Submit your website to the Net     Download-More Info
Productivity > Resumes/Job Search Want a bigger salary? Click Here! Top
Resume Tools      Sept.28/01       95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Various resume software and infoDownload-More Info
JobHunter         1.1          Feb.1/02          95,98,Me
Make your search easier  965K  Download-More Info
Productivity > Spreadsheets   Top
602Pro PC Suite 2001  Sept.21/01 95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Integrated office suite   13.6MB   Download-More Info
EasyOffice Freeware 3.34 Oct.19/01  95,98,NT,2k,Me
All-in-one office suite  43.4MB   Download-More Info   1.0   May.10/02   95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Comprehensive office suite 49MB Download-More Info
Productivity > Word Processing   Top
602Pro PC Suite2001 Sept.21/01 95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Integrated office suite  13.6MB  Download-More Info
EasyOffice Freeware 3.34 Oct.19/01  95,98,NT,2k,Me
All-in-one office suite  43.4MB   Download-More Info  1.0  May.10/02  95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Comprehensive office suite49MBDownload-More Info
WordWeb    1.63     Sept.7/01     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
A thesaurus and dictionary4.5MBDownload-More Info
Utilities > Antivirus Scan your PC for viruses! Click Here! Top
AVG Anti-Virus 6.0.330 Mar.29/02  95/8,NT,2k,Me,XP
Protect your pc from viruses 5MBDownload-More Info
vCatchVirusCatcher3.8.06 Mar15/02 9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Virus protection for your pc 734KDownload-More Info
AntiVir    6.13.00    May.31/02     95,98,Me,NT,2k,XP
Protect your pc from viruses 4MBDownload-More Info
Symantec SecurityResponse Dec.14/01 9x,2k,Me,XP
Remove viruses from your pc    Download-More Info
Anti-keylogger™      1.0      Feb.15/02       95,98,Me
Detect keystroke monitoring1MBDownload-More Info
Utilities > Backup and System   Top
LeBackup32 Light     1.60     Sept.7/01      95,98,NT
Backup your computer files 1MB Download-More Info
A_dailyBackUp  2.4.1  Mar.15/02   95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Backup your computer files 1.0MBDownload-More Info
HDCopy          2.1          Jan.18/02           95,98,Me
Copy a harddisk > another 121KDownload-More Info
jv16 PowerTools Jan.18/02  95/8,NT,2k,Me
Control & maintain your pc 1.3MB Download-More Info
Utilities > Desktop/Font/Icon   Top
The Font Thing   0.80 Beta 2   Sept.7/01   95,98,NT
Font management utility 1.1MB Download-More Info
Iconoid      3.1      May.31/02      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Desktop icon management 400KDownload-More Info
Webshots Desktop Dec.21/01  9x,2k,Me
Wallpaper & screensavers 1.5MBDownload-More Info
Utilities > Diagnostic/Optimizer   Top
FreeRAM XP Lite    1.03     Feb.8/02     95,98,Me,XP
Free-up RAM in your pc   304K   Download-More Info
RAMBooster       1.6       Sept.7/01       95,98,NT,2k
Free-up RAM in your pc   974K   Download-More Info
Fresh Diagnose  4.20   May.31/02   95,98,2k,Me,XP
System diagnostic tools  987K   Download-More Info
Fresh UI      2.80      May.31/02      95,98,2k,Me,XP
Config/optimize Windows 593K  Download-More Info
SynthMARK    2002    Feb.8/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
System diagnostic tools  6.5MB  Download-More Info
Utilities > File and Disk   Top
ZipCentral    4.00    Jan.11/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Compress/expand files 1.29MB Download-More Info
BigSpeed Zipper   3.6   Dec.14/01    95,98,NT,2k,Me
Compress/decompress files688KDownload-More Info
KFK       2.1       May.31/02        95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Split files into smaller parts192KDownload-More Info
File Slicer          7.0          Feb.1/02           95,98,Me
Split files into smaller parts 120KDownload-More Info
Partition Resizer      1.34      Dec.21/01      For DOS
Move and resize partitions 98K  Download-More Info
zBoot Manager  2.09  May.31/02  95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Install upto 8 o/s's on 1 disk 48KDownload-More Info
Utilities > Firewall   Top
Tiny Firewall    2.0.15    Oct.19/01     95,98,NT,2k,Me
Protect your pc on the Net 1.4MB Download-More Info
ZoneAlarm   2.6.362   Dec.7/01   95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Protect your pc on the Net 2.8MB Download-More Info
Sygate Firewall  5.0   May.31/02   95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Protect your pc on the Net 4.9MB Download-More Info
Utilities > Networking Access Your PC Anywhere! Free Trial! Top
OpenSSH on Windows  3.2  May.31/02  9x,NT,2k,Me
Connect to a pc remotely 1.5MB Download-More Info
Angry IP Scanner  1.90  May.31/02  95,98,NT,2k,Me
Multi-featured IP scanner  89K  Download-More Info
VirtualNetworkComputing 3.3.3r9 Feb.1/02 9x,NT,2k
Remote desktop program 978K Download-More Info
ProPort      2.1      Feb.1/02       95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Monitor your local ports  138K   Download-More Info
602Pro LAN Suite 2002 Mar.1/02 95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
SMTP/POP3 email server 9.0MB Download-More Info
Network Probe       0.2       May.31/02       NT,2k,XP
Monitor/protocol analyzer 2.3MBDownload-More Info
PrivariaNetworkingSuite0.9May31/02 9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Secure networking tools  6.4MB  Download-More Info
Utilities > Security/Encryption   Top
123 Password Recovery 3.01 Sept.7/01  95,98,NT,2k
Recover lost passwords   170K   Download-More Info
PGPfreeware     7.0.3     Sept.7/01     95,98,NT,2k,Me
Encrypt and decrypt files  7.5MB   Download-More Info
Password Agent Lite 2.0 Mar.15/02  9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Store usernames & pwds 1.0MB Download-More Info
FineCrypt      7.1      Mar.1/02      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Encrypt and decrypt files  2.4MB   Download-More Info
Password Manager 1.30 Mar.29/02  95,98,2k,Me,XP
Store usernames & pwds 5.2MB Download-More Info
Utilities > Uninstallers/Cleaners   Top
RegClean         4.1a         Sept.7/01         95,98,NT
Clean your system registry 774KDownload-More Info
Eraser      5.3       Jan.18/02       95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Remove data from your pc 751K Download-More Info
iISystem Cleaner      1.0      Mar.1/02       95,98,Me
Clear-out old file histories 296K Download-More Info
Sure Delete   5.0.7    Mar.1/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Remove data from your pc 497K Download-More Info
Internet > Browsers   Top
Netscape    6.2.3    May.31/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Checkout this web browser 222K Download-More Info
Microsoft Int. Explorer 6.0  Sept.7/01 98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Checkout this latest browser 496KDownload-More Info
Opera      6.03      May.31/02      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Latest browser (w/o java) 3.4MB Download-More Info
Internet > Chat FREE Full-Version Software! Click Here! Top
ICQ 2002a Build 3727  Apr.26/02  95/8,NT,2k,Me,XP
Instant-messaging prog. 3.9MB  Download-More Info
MSN Messenger   4.6    Dec.21/01    95,98,NT,2k,Me
Instant-messaging prog. 1.6MB Download-More Info
AOL Messenger  4.8  May.31/02   95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Instant-messaging prog. 2.6MB  Download-More Info
Yahoo Messenger 5.0 May.31/02 95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Instant-messaging prog. 2.5MB Download-More Info
Trillian      0.725      Mar.1/02      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Multi-network chat client  2.2MB  Download-More Info
Eyeball Chat        2.1         Mar.1/02         98,2k,Me
Video communication   2.0MB    Download-More Info
Internet > Communications Click here for eBay! Top
ScreenPrint Gold 3.3 Nov.30/01  95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Customize, email, & fax 1.6MB Download-More Info
PalTalk      5.0       Mar.29/02       95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Audio/video communication 733K Download-More Info
Gphone       1.61        May.31/02        98,2k,Me,XP
Call people over the Net 1.6MB Download-More Info
Microsoft NetMeeting 3.01 SP2 Nov.23/01 95,98,NT,Me
Audio/video communication 1.6MBDownload-More Info
EasyFreeWebCam 2.6.6 Apr.26/02  98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Video communication   3.1MB   Download-More Info
Internet > Dialup/Connection   Top
SpeedNet Free    5.0    Sept.7/01     95,98,NT,2k,Me
A suite of Internet utilities 3.5MBDownload-More Info
TICK        1.10        Apr.12/02         95,98,NT,2k,Me
Dialup enhancer for your pc 747KDownload-More Info
CableNut    4.08     Feb.15/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Increase your Net speed  823K   Download-More Info
Internet > Download Managers   Top
GoZilla      4.11      Feb.1/02       95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Download your files faster 2.8MBDownload-More Info
Download Accelerator 5.0 Sept.7/01  95,98,NT,2k,Me
Speedup your downloads 1.0MB Download-More Info
NetAnts     1.25     Nov.16/01      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Download your files faster 1.1MBDownload-More Info
Fresh Download   3.75   May.31/02   95,98,2k,Me,XP
D-load Manager w no ads 1.3MBDownload-More Info
Star Downloader 1.22 Mar.15/02  95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
D-load Manager w no ads 1.0MBDownload-More Info
Internet > Email and Privacy Experience email! Download IncrediMail! Top
ePrompter    2.0     Mar.15/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Check your email accounts1.0MBDownload-More Info
IncrediMail Xe Build 690 May.31/02 9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Personalize your email  2.4MB  Download-More Info
MultiProxy        1.2        Sept.7/01        95,98,NT,2k
Protect your online privacy 167K Download-More Info
Ad-aware    5.82    May.31/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Remove spyware on your pc1MBDownload-More Info
Internet > File Sharing/FTP Get 12 CDs FREE! Click Here! Top
BearShare   2.6.2   May.31/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for and share files 1.8MBDownload-More Info
LimeWire     2.4.4      May.31/02      95,98,NT,2k,Me
Search for and share files 3.6MB Download-More Info
FreeWire    2.4.5    May.31/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for and share files 118K Download-More Info
WinMX      3.1      May.31/02       95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for and share files 680K  Download-More Info
SmartFTP  1.0.968   May.10/02   95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
FTP client c/w online setup 72K  Download-More Info
URLBlaze    2.81     May.31/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Share URLs of your files   608K   Download-More Info
AceFTP 2 Freeware 2.06.2 Apr12/02 9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Check-out this FTP client 1.8MB Download-More Info
GuildFTPd   0.999    May.31/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Check-out this FTP server 1.0MB Download-More Info
Internet > Readers   Top
Xnews    5.04.24    May.31/02     95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Multi-featured newsreader 680K Download-More Info
Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 Jan.4/02 9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
View/browse/print PDF files 8.6MBDownload-More Info
Sophax      1.5      Dec.14/01      95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Multi-featured newsreader 3.2MBDownload-More Info
Internet > Search Tools Buy Copernic 2001 PLUS! Click Here! Top
WebFerret      4.0      Sept.7/01       95,98,NT,2k,Me
Search for info on the Net 590K  Download-More Info
Copernic 2001 Basic 5.02 Sept.7/01 9x,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for info on the Net 2.4MBDownload-More Info
JOC Web Finder 2.72 Mar.29/02  95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Search for info on the Net 519K  Download-More Info
PhraseExpress SE    Apr.12/02    95,98,NT,2k,Me,XP
Paste frequently used text 1MB Download-More Info
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