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orinoco lucent wavelan problems

I'm having some difficulties in getting my Lucent Wavelan ORinoco 
wireless card to work. I'm running an IBM Thinkpad 380ed.

I was on pcmcia-cs 3.1.22 initially, and I just updgraded to the latest 
pcmcia-cs version to (hopefully) make things easier.

But I have a new problem now, after upgrading. Card services doesn't 
automatically identify my card when I insert it. (I hear it beep once at 
a high tone, then a second beep at a low tone; prior to the upgrade it 
beeped twice at the high tone when I inserted this card). On the earlier 
pcmcia-cs version, it did properly identify the card -- I could see the 
wvlan_cs when I ran 'lsmod'.

Interestingly, when I run 'cardctl ident' it *does* display my card's 
product info, manfid, and function.

Also, when I run 'dmesg', the results show the old pcmcia version 3.1.22 
-- I am confused because, shouldn't it reflect the newly installed 

Any help for this newbie would be great -- including pointers to reading 
materials on the net.

Gale Stafford

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