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The pages listed below outline the procedure for connecting various Windows platforms using an inexpensive cable. No network boards are required as the data is transferred using Your serial or parallel port. With the exception of purchasing a cable, all of the procedures use software provided by Microsoft for free.

Connected computers may share files and printers in the same way those connected to a local area network do. This form of networking is useful for transferring files from a notebook computer to a desktop, transferring files to a new computer, or sharing a printer.

Connect Two Windows 95 Computers (faq)

Connect Windows NT 4.0 (server/workstation) to Windows 95 (faq)

Connect Windows NT 3.51 (server/workstation) to Windows 95

Connect Windows 95 / DOS / Windows 3.X Using Interlink

Connect Windows 95 to Windows 3.11 Using RAS

Connect Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 3.11 Using RAS

Connect Two Windows 3.11 Computers Using RAS

Connect Two Windows NT 4.0 Computers (server/workstation)

Windows 2000, Mac Users, Windows CE, Windows 98 Link Page

Non-Microsoft Solutions These are not paid ads, I am not endorsing the following, but list them in case you would like to go in another direction. I will be happy to list credible commercial alternatives to direct cable / remots access services for free, drop a line.

30 day free trial versions for Windows 95/NT.

PC Anywhere free trial by Symantec 95/NT.

Buy A Cable From the Authors of the Windows Direct Connect Driver $19..$70 (US)