Fuzzy Logic for "Just Plain Folks"  (Online Book, Free for your personal use.)

Most books about fuzzy logic are written by Ph.D.'s at the Ph.D. level, and it is difficult and time consuming for the average person to grasp the nature and value of fuzzy logic.  The three-chapter book linked to below makes fuzzy logic understandable and usable for us "Just Plain Folks".  The information is copyrighted and provided for your personal use.

Ch. 1 of 3. Fuzzy Logic - A Powerful New Way to Analyze and Control Complex Systems
Ch. 2 of 3. An Exciting Moment in the History of Science
Ch. 3 of 3. Let's Build a Fuzzy Logic Controller

World's First Fuzzy Logic Controller

Following Lotfi Zadeh's proposing the concept, Mamdani and Assilian published the results of an experiment with the world’s first fuzzy logic controller. This historically signifcant article, "An Experiment in Linguistic Synthesis with a Fuzzy Logic Controller," is helpful in learning about fuzzy logic.   Click the page links below to read this 13 page document (.pdf format; use Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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