Cosmic Chaos' CClinux single floppy linux distribution

Welcome to is the new CClinux single floppy linux distribution home page. I am trying to rekindle what I think is the best single floppy distribution out there, in simplicity, functionality and ease of use.

Project Goals: See our initial Version Map

  • First and foremost, provide a central location for developers and users with email lists, archives, forums and CVS access to the source.
  • Incorporate 1.77MB formatting into system.
  • Provide multiple source trees for different purposes. (see below)
  • Use bzip to compress kernel.
  • Allow for writing to other media such as business card CDs.
  • Update the kernel images to the newest available kernel and tools.
  • Maintain compatibility with Slackware.
  • Continue development and refinement of the CClinux distribution.

    Some of the different trees I can see being included:

  • Basic network access, utility tree. (original cclinux, but needs updating)
  • Rescue tree
  • Router tree
  • Firewall tree
  • Mp3/Ogg Vorbis tree
  • NT password change utility
  • CD Burning
  • SMS/text paging utility
  • slideshow/image viewer utility
  • Developers toolkit (cc, gcc, etc)
  • Documentation toolkit (LaTex, SGML, etc)
  • Any other purposes anyone can envision fitting on a single floppy...

    We are currently looking for developers...See below.

    Mailing List:
    If you are interested in working on this project, please sign up on the [ mailing list ].
    Once I get forums and CVS set up, I will make an announcement.

    Download the current, very old, source:
    In gzip format: CClinux-1.5.tar.gz
    In bzip2 format: CClinux-1.5.tar.bz2

    There is also a CClinux page in spanish, though I don't know how current it is: Spanish CClinux is a service of Mojolin: Linux, Unix and Embedded jobs and resumes
    Perl Jobs Too