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Community of Harmonious Action Naturally Generating Equality and Sustainability!




I am happy that you have found this site... As you may or may not know, this website, and this community, is a work in progress. We are traveling this fall, camping, visiting communities and universities, attending gatherings and shows, basically seeking all that we are looking for in life, for us or for you... We are working to build a directory of resources, by location, to facilitate the pursuit of equality and sustainability for the individual in our world. Our world is, after all, in need of some CHANGES...


Unfortunately it is hard to change a system that you are within. Thus, you must redefine your own life in order to make any real changes. We know how hard that is in a world where dreamers are expected to "grow out of it." We say grow into it, and find the system that supports your potential. When you join (for FREE) you can tell us what you're looking for, and we'll try to help. As people join, we envision the growth of a network of individuals and businesses whose cooperation will further the permaculture revolution, in which life will regain balance and the earth will heal.


Notice that membership is FREEEthis is to encourage you to actively work towards your dreams, instead of just writing us a check to try to change things for you. Contrary to popular belief, unity, not money, is power. Of course we do need to become financially stable ourselves, so if you have more than enough for yourself, we would greatly appreciate your sponsorship . Like-minded businesses are especially encouraged; we will list your responsibility rating and contact information in exchange for your support. The CHANGES is a non-profit, or "public benefit enterprise" so all donations will be tax deductible once we have the means to incorporate.


We thank you for visiting, and hope that you will come back again soon!