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Copernic 2001 is Now Copernic Agent
Copernic 2001 is Now Copernic Agent
Copernic is proud to announce the greatest upgrade to Copernic 2001 ever released: Copernic Agent.
This new version (6.0) includes plenty of innovative features that
will make your searches faster, more powerful and much easier.

This new version 6.0 is available as a FREE upgrade for all
Copernic 2001 users.

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Copernic Agent Professional
Copernic Agent Professional
Designed for users looking for complete control over information, it combines powerful and innovative tools to find, manage, analyze and track relevant information on the Web. For serious searching, there's no better choice than Copernic Agent Professional.
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Copernic Agent Personal
Copernic Agent Personal
Fast, precise and fully customizable, Copernic Agent Personal focuses on advanced Internet searching and result management. Perfect for users seeking quick and easy Web searching, but also for power-users requiring control and flexibility.
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Copernic Agent Basic
Copernic Agent Basic
The entry-level Web search tool, used and trusted by millions of users worldwide, combines many search enhancement features along with an intuitive user interface, making your Web searches faster and easier than ever. Moreover, it's free!
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Copernic Summarizer
Copernic Summarizer
This easy-to-use summarizing software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating concise summaries of any document or Web page so you spend considerably less time reading. With Copernic Summarizer, make the most of your reading time.
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Launch of Copernic Agent
Copernic has taken the wraps off its sixth-generation search software with Copernic Agent: the only integrated search software that lets users search, manage, analyze and track information on the Web.
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For the second year in a row, Copernic 2001 has been praised as one of the best products of the year by the editors of PC Magazine.

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